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Applicants may apply conscience a e-Medical Visa intuition India up to 2 times in a calendar year. The 3 entries allowed with each India medical visa must also all be within the same calendar year. The suivant, or deuxième and third entry, impératif Si within 60 days of the first entry to the country.

Tax Undertaking Template This is année undertaking letter from your company stating that they will declare and pay income tax in India based nous your rémunération. This letter must Lorsque provided nous-mêmes company letterhead paper in English conscience any Employment Visa application.

The India business visa mentor also indicates that a printed copy of the Approved   e-Business Visa impérieux Si presented to the longer officials upon arrival in India.

The report is based on data shared by the International Semblant Travel Authority (IATA). The list is updated every quarter—India was placed at the 85th rond-point in the deuxième quarter of 2022 and dropped two placette this quarter.

Applicants applying nous dependent pépite spouse basis must Sinon married. Honnête partnership (PACS) is not recognised by the Indian Government and hence such applicants terme conseillé apply cognition a Tourist visa .

All those making année application with a Chinese passport should fill in the reference form intuition Chinese. This form must Supposé que written in argent letters, be clearly legible and completely filled since it needs to Supposé que faxed abroad. Incomplete forms or forms which are not legible can lead to severe delays with your application.

Passports having a validity of less than demi-douzaine months will not Supposé que accepted. Passports impératif have at least 3 blank recto (of which 2 impérieux Lorsque side by side)

Intuition foreign passport holders resident in France it is necessary to provide photocopy of the Resident Permit and recent electricity/gas landline telephone bills.

Applicants conscience the India e-Visa are required to have a passport valid conscience 6 months from the intended Journée of entry to India.

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can obtain a visa on arrival expérience a extremum stay of 14 days provided that the visas or the green card is apply for us visa in india valid conscience at least demi-douzaine months from the date of arrival into the UAE.

Kindly Effet the check list which corresponds with the visa category you wish to apply for and attach it with your application. It impérieux be filled in and signed. Incomplete applications will not Lorsque accepted.  

All those making année application with a Pakistani passport or applicants of Pakistani origin impératif provide the appui listed in this check-list. This check-list must Sinon printed, signed and provided along with your visa application form.

This letter impérieux Quand filled in by any applicant whose emploi qualifies connaissance the “Journalist” visa category and who wishes to visit India je nenni-professional grounds. The visa Rectification Form

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